"all round winner!"

As Featured in the Evening Standard - Bianca Barratt - Wednesday 10 January

Best Coffees with Health Benefits: 
No longer just a temporary fatigue buster, coffee has been given a health makeover.  We've picked the blends that work even harder than you do 
There’s nothing worse than hearing your alarm go off in the morning. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you’ve had the night before, getting up is an absolute killer, particularly for us Londoners who never seem to feel like we’ve had enough shuteye. 
Our reliance on coffee to boost our energy has grown heavier over recent years, with Brits knocking back a staggering 55 million cups of the stuff every day, according to the Allegra World Coffee Portal. 
As such, our interest in what’s actually in our morning cup is peaking and the demand for healthier coffees is growing.

Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee™ 
From improving your brain power to strengthening your immune system, these are the coffees that give you more boost for your buck. 
Another brain booster, Limitless Life is made from completely natural ingredients, making it suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. One of the main ingredients is Lions Mane (another wonder mushroom) which helps to protect the brain’s neurons from oxidative damage.  Although it contains the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee, the naturally occurring ingredients help to keep your feels on an even keel – meaning you won’t suffer from mood swings or spikes in anxiety after drinking. With great flavour and low – key instructions (simply add boiling water) it’s an all round winner. 

Vinny Shoreman– Mind Coach, Commentator & Multiple appearance on Joe Rogan’s Podcast 

I started drinking Instant genius coffee. I’ve heard “placebo type” claims by others yet this was the real deal. In my job I have to be mentally aware, as to listen to my clients wants and needs to get the best results and this really did help cognitively for me.

I love it and it’s tasty too and I can’t wait for the next release in their product range.


Anthony Crolla- WBA lightweight

I was introduced to Limitless Life by my strength and conditioning coach Martin Cullen and from that day I’ve been hooked!

Being a professional athlete I have to be careful about which supplements I consume. Knowing that their products are all 100% natural really puts my mind at rest during training camps.

Robbie Davis Junior


 I used Genius Instant Coffee every day through my recent title fight camp.It100% gave me the focus I needed. 

Cutting weight 
and the extra training sessions are always the horrible parts of fight camp.

Genius instant coffee gave me the focus and energy when I needed it this most. Plus it tastes great!


Spencer Fearon – Boxer and Sky Sports Boxing Pundit

Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee is my go-to pre-workout drink. The additional focus from the coffee has really helped me keep to a balanced diet, as well as turbo charge by workouts - I’ve lost half a stone in weight!

Feeling healthier, fitter and stronger!


Lee Charles - 6 x World Champion Kickboxer & Actor

Balancing both my acting career and my martial arts coaching job I need a product that I can rely on. Limitless Life Genius Coffee does exactly that. Only needing to add hot water (as long as I’ve packed it) I can quickly and easily have it!

Clear focus and energy from every cup


Scott Cardle - British Lightweight Title Champion
I want to thank the guys of Limitless Coffee for introducing me to this product.

It has become a daily routine for me, every morning without fail I’d brew a limitless coffee to set me up for the day.

I’ve always been a fan of coffee, and now I feel I’m getting more benefits from it than just waking myself up for the day ahead.