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From Addict to Nootropics Pioneer

How a Clueless Dad with No Science Background, No Funding, and No Team Created the World's First Instant Nootropic Coffee in His Kitchen and Discovered the Secret to a Limitless Life...

Gareth and Emily Image

I’m the son of a working class Welsh alcoholic.  I grew up with an outside toilet. I didn’t use Facebook until I was 45. I’m probably the least likely ecommerce entrepreneur on the planet.  Yet, somehow (with the help of a few “angels”) I created something that is changing people’s lives and loved by everyone from boxer Anthony Crolla to world-class mindset coach Vinny Shoreman. 

If anything, the last 2+ decades have taught me you aren’t the stories you tell yourself.  Those stories play over and over in your mind like a broken record as a kind of self-defense mechanism.  But they’re not you.  Through triumphs and trials, I’ve learned how to overcome those imaginary boundaries and forge my own destiny.  I’ve discovered the secret to a limitless life, and by the time you finish reading this page, you’ll know it too.  But first, here’s how I went from professional sports player to alcoholic and addict…

I Used to Sleep on This Park Bench...

Gareth Jones on Park Bench

The same park bench where I first decided “Genius Coffee” would be a great idea.  I had no idea I would actually create that coffee… or how long it would take... 

Long before I ever started experimenting with coffee and nootropics in my kitchen, I pulled myself out of a working class family in Wales to become a professional rugby player.  But when a back injury left me unable to walk properly, things started falling apart.  Within a short span of time, I was addicted to alcohol and painkillers, searching for any way to forget my sports career was over and I’d end up just another alcoholic like my father.  Or that’s the story I kept telling myself.  I may have injured my back, but the real battle was with my mind.  One day I woke up on that park bench and decided something had to change. That couldn’t be the end of my story.  So I started listening to Tony Robbins and researching nootropics - or natural ways to “hack” my brain without any stimulants or additives.  Every morning I would visualize a different life for myself.  That’s when something really cool happened…

In Just 5 Years, I Became Director of a £110 Million Business.  Seems like the perfect time to start a brain-enhancing nootropic coffee side hustle, right?  Nah, that’d be too easy.  After all, what’s a hero’s journey without a few setbacks?  That’s When I Lost Everything... Again!  I was facing financial ruin and park benches for a second time.  Only this time I had a baby girl to look after…

Gareth and Emily

I had a choice to make.

I could keep playing my story of doom on repeat inside my mind like a bad headline:  “Son of an alcoholic from working class town in Wales has chance to transcend his roots and become a rugby star and falls into addiction and bankruptcy”

Or, I could write a new story.

That’s when I figured it out...

The Secret to Achieving Anything You Want in Life

You can’t find it in a book or a podcast…
You can’t find it in at the bottom of a bottle…
You can’t find it in anybody else…
Because the truth is, it’s already inside of you.
It’s hardwired into your DNA.
You’re stronger - and smarter - than you think.
All because of one thing:
Your mind.


When You Learn to Harness the Power of Your Own Mind, Worries Vanish Like Snow in July.  

Whether you’re wrangling kids, gunning for a big promotion at work, or simply striving to achieve your peak potential across the board, it all starts inside your mind.  You have the choice every day to decide the life you want.  The only thing stopping you are the limits put there by your own imagination.  That’s why I decided to dedicate my life to find the most potent blend of ingredients to give your brain the edge it needs to perform at its best no matter what obstacles life throws your way. Because make no mistake, the obstacles will still come.

The key is to be able to handle them like a champion instead of throwing in the towel.  Emily and I discovered this first-hand as we set out to make the first Instant Genius Coffee a reality...

Quest for the Perfect Brain-Boosting Formula

Being the son of a long line of Welsh bakers, I knew my path would be one of product - rather than self help guru. I saw myself as the next Willy Wonka, not the next Tony Robbins.
I didn’t know the first thing about neuroscience… or supplements…
I just knew I wanted to help people be the best they could be - 100% naturally.
We didn’t have a team or investors initially.
We didn’t have fancy equipment.
It was just me and Emily. So we set out to make the first batch of Instant Genius Coffee right here in our kitchen. 

It Was Like Searching for a Lost City of Gold… 

I was obsessed.  For weeks on end, I consumed every medical research paper, book, and podcast I could find on the subject of nootropics.  Friends would come by and I’d still be sitting in the same place they saw me days before.  I still remember a conversation I had with my BJJ coach when he asked me how long I’d been reading a particular set of research papers.  “A day I think,” I told him.  “Well, what day do you think it is?” he asked.  “Thursday?” I answered.  He just laughed at me.  “Gareth, it’s Saturday night!”

I was driven to find the perfect synergistic blend that was all-natural, easy for anyone to use every day, and would result in a 2+2+2=10 equation.

And I wouldn’t stop until I finally found that secret recipe 10 years later.

Now You Can Increase Focus, Reduce Brain Fog, & Boost Your Mood with the Same Synergistic Blend of Ingredients It Took Me 10 Years to Discover


Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee

The First Bag of Instant Genius Coffee - Designed by My 8-Year-Old Daughter Emily!

I created Instant Genius Coffee (and now matcha) as a new way for on-the-go people to naturally improve their focus and concentration, memory and mental energy, and overall brain health and processing power.  Now you can get it without the years of trial and error I had to endure.

Why 2+2+2=10

I believe Instant Genius contains the most potent and effective blend of ingredients on the market.  Through the “synergistic” effect of all 100% natural nootropic ingredients compounded, you’ll experience incredible results - without any jitters.

(And no, we’re not still making it in our kitchen… although the road to find an FDA approved manufacturer is another story for another day ;))

That’s Why We Call It “Genius in a Cup™”

This isn’t just a story about me or what I’ve accomplished…
This isn’t just about a product...
This is about a mission that’s taken root and is spreading…

Be Limitless. Do Good.

The journey from clueless dad to competent parent and product creator didn’t happen alone.  Various angels stepped in at the perfect times to make this all possible, revealing to me the true goodness of humanity.  Limitless Life is about helping you squeeze every last drop out of this one life you’ve been given…

So that you can help those around you do the same.

It’s about being a part of a tribe of like-minded people looking to optimize themselves and make the world a better place.

Which is why we will always donate a portion of our profits to support mental health research and ensure these organizations have sufficient resources to help those struggling along the way.

Thank you for being a part of the journey to create positive change through better brain health.

Welcome to the Tribe.

Genius Signature

Gareth Jones

Founder Limitless Life Group

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