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Q. Who is Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee™ for?

Anyone seeking to boost their mental performance, achieve greater focus and protect their brain's wellbeing

Q. Does Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee™ taste like regular coffee?

Yes - It has taken years to develop a blend which retains the distinct Arabica coffee flavour. So drinkers can enjoy the benefits of Instant Genius with a flavour they are accustomed to.

Q. Can I drink my Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee™with milk?

Yes – we have meticulously prepared the ingredients so that the coffee will mix with milk. So everyone can enjoy their Limitless Coffee their way.

Q. How many cups a day of Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee™ can I drink?

As the caffeine content is no greater than normal coffee the same recommendations apply, 2 to 3 cups per day depending on personal preference.

Q. Will I have "jitters" or feel shaky?

No – Instant Genius Coffee™ is designed to offer "clean energy", the added ingredient of Theanine ensures a sense of focused yet calm.

Q. What is the best way to prepare Limitless Life Instant Genius Coffee™?

Simply add hot water to two teaspoons of Instant Genius Coffee™and stir well. Add milk or sugar if preferred.

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