Live well - do good - be Limitless

This is our motto. It's our personal mission to help everyone feel better, do better and be better

A little about…

Hello. I’m Gareth Jones. The story behind Genius Coffee and Limitless Life is a simple one really.

One rainy morning on a tram in Manchester, the idea for Genius Coffee was born. I have since spent ten years researching the science and ingredients - to bring that idea and product to life.

But realistically, the journey of Genius Coffee and Limitless Life as a brand, from my kitchen to launched products, is as much a journey from clueless Dad - to competent parent.

The early days of discovery and research were combined with being a single parent to my beautiful daughter Emily. She would draw pictures of me experimenting in the kitchen - and even our packaging is designed by Emily, when aged just 8. We had no designer and no other options, so she simply said “I can do it”.

Hearing my daughter respond to adversity in that way is the essence of the philosophy behind Limitless Life.

For me every set back was a lesson - and everything we didn’t know was just something we didn’t know yet.

This sporting life.

I started playing rugby at 5. For as long as I can remember it was all I wanted to do with my life. I was fortunate to sign with professional clubs in both Wales and England but due to injury at 21, my career was cut short. This was a very difficult time personally for me and took me to a very dark place.

I was incredibly fortunate to turn my life around and now look back at those darkest times as my biggest lessons and a blessing. Fostering a desire to help people not only through their toughest moments, but to also squeeze the very most from our daily lives.

Most importantly though, I’ve been able to share an experience with my daughter based on having a shared goal, overcoming adversity, daring to dream and remaining positive - to find solutions when it may appear impossible.

Our philosophy.

The mission behind Limitless Life and our products, is to help people optimise their lives naturally so as to live their life to the fullest - and hopefully benefit others because of it.

unlocking your true potential

We all have the potential to be far more than we are - limitless in life. But not through artificial stimulants or additives. At Limitless Life we explore totally natural ingredients and elements, that can ‘hack’ the best parts of yourself - to optimise you, but in a totally natural way, in harmony with your mind and body.

Be limitless - do good.

Personally, we feel it is essential to create new and wonderful natural products, that work and offer a tangible benefit to people’s lives. The whole purpose of our journey is to benefit those around us, and in that, way they are then drawn to do the same.

Helping others be the best they can be or overcome their challenges is our driving passion. The satisfaction from helping people become more productive, focussed and achieve their life goals, is something that’s in our DNA.

Additionally, the philosophy of the business was always to donate a portion of our profits to assist greater research into mental health. We all feel it is our duty to make sure these amazing organisations have sufficient resources.

Our goal

Being the son of a long line of Welsh bakers, I knew my path would be one of product - rather than self help guru. I saw myself as the next Willy Wonka, rather than next Tony Robbins.

Our goal is to offer a complete range of natural products including Genius Coffee, that cover the most challenging areas of modern life - that foster a philosophy of fulfilling personal peak potential - and that continue to naturally optimise our customers. And in some small way, help create great positive change.

A big dream perhaps, but one well worth pursuing.

Be Limitless - do good.


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